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The Dolan Twins hitting again! A $40,000 gift for Ethan

Ever heard about the Dolan Twins? They're the absolute kicker! With almost 11 million followers on Youtube and being handsome twins, makes their channel so attractive.

They started doing Youtube videos 5 years ago when almost every Influencer started his career. But Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan, now 20 years old, were famous for their Vine videos. The Vine videos! Do you remember them? It's been almost ten years from now since the Vine videos were the most trendy thing. Yeah, we're old. And the boys look also completely different than they did 5 or more years ago when their first Youtube video appeared.

Photo: Youtube

Yap, picture of the Dolan brothers 5 years ago coming out with their first Youtube video. Totally cute!

Now they dropped a new video where Grayson wants to give a gift to his brother Ethan. The video has already more than one and a half million views!

The brothers just moved in a beautiful new house thanks to all their profile as Influencers, being active since 2013 and they have been together doing this from the beginning. Because of that Gray wants to buy a $40,000 gift for Ethan. Before buying it, he explains how thankful he is for Ethan being his brother and doing everything together, so he thinks that he definitely deserves his dream gift - a brand new Rolex watch! Of course, before Ethan gots the present, there is a little prank planed.

How Ethan reacted and how he felt after seeing his dream gift, more in their video:

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