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Pamela Reif doing some Q&A about healthy food and weight loss

Pamela Reif just answered some questions that her fans asked her via Instagram and it's, believe it or not, about food, weight loss and health.

Many young women and men struggle with to start eating healthy or getting rid of fat on specific body parts. Pamela is well known for eating healthy, doing a lot of sports and for actively giving some advices to her fans. This time she is answering some questions about eating healthy and loosing some weight. How important it is to eat healthy and did she also struggled with weight loss, read more below.

  1. How to not eat rubbish? Invest some time and find out what kinds of healthy foods are delicious for you. People tend to eat "rubbish" because that's what they are used to & developing a new habit takes energy, mental focus and time. But we are talking about your body, life & health here. So investing time in yourself, learning how to cook, buying different kinds of healthy snacks, etc. shouldn't be something you save money or time on.

  2. I I'm eating less calories a day, would that hurt my metabolism in any way? Being in a caloric deficit is key to losing weight. Your metabolism will adapt (slow down) if you do i t long-term or too extreme. That's also the time you would hit a plateau and not lose more weight anymore. That's why I wouldn't recommend being in a caloric deficit long-term or being in an extreme caloric deficit. On the other hand, doing sports, building muscle, etc. rather supports your metabolism, that's why I would always pair sports with a caloric deficit. Don't just "eat less", get active and tone your body at the same time.

  3. How to get rid of fat in specific places? Unfortunately, you can't really decide where you lose fat first. That's down to your genetics. If I gain weight, the first parts of my body gaining fat are my stomach, face, back & arms. My face looks like a full moon very quickly. One thing you can do, is building an "appearance" with sports though. If you want a smaller waist, it's very beneficial to not only train your tummy, but also your legs & back muscles. If those parts get more muscular, your waist will look smaller in proportion. If you want a bigger but only, I would recommend to not train your quads too much, so your butt sticks out and appears bigger in proportion, etc.

  4. Why do I weight heavier than I look? Is the number on the scale that important? No, I don't think it's super important! Especially not to compare yourself to OTHERS. Muscle is heavier than fat = you can look toned & tiny and weight quite "a lot" just because you have lots of muscle. The only reason I would weight myself is to keep track of myself and my own transformation, not to compare myself to others. The issue with "only looking in the mirror" is, that we see ourselves in there every day. That's why we don't notice changes that easily, because we see the minimal changes every day and get used to them so quickly, that we don't see the "big change" that happened over weeks. A scale doesn't get used to you, so it will always show facts. But you need to keep in mind that lots of factors can have impacts on your WEIGHT (not your fat or muscle percentage): 1. going to the toilet/ pooping regulary 2. holding on to water weight during stressful times 3. bloating, ....

  5. Have you ever gone through the journey of weight loss? Yes, there was 1 year in my life that I didn't do sports, traveled a lot and ate kind of rubbish... I ended up being about 10kg heavier than my current shape. I lost it by going back to my sports routine, tracking calories to make sure I understand food and it's nutrients, eating healthy & being CONSISTENT. It's a steady and long process.

  6. How can I lose weight without losing boobs? I'm sorry - I'm the wrong person to ask. 😂 No, just kidding, again: that's down to your genetics. You can't decide where you want to lose weight.

  7. If I lose weight and gain muscles, how do I prevent looking masculine? As girls, we have a VERY HARD TIME looking masculine. We don't build huge amounts muscles that easily and it definitely won't happen over night. So don't stress about it. If you think you look too masculine, reduce heavy weight lifting sessions, do more HIIT, strength training with lighter weights or bodyweight training. This way, your muscles won't look "big" and pumped and rather grow long & lean.

  8. Which exercises are the best to lose weight? Exercises that get your heart rate up, burn lots of calories & target your overall strength/ lots of muscles at the same time. For example burpees, jump squats, plank jumps, sprinting...

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Some very helpful answers for sure. Thank you, Pam!

What would you ask?

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