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Pamela answering her 5 most personal questions

Pamela Reif answered 5 very personal questions about her life.

Have you ever wondered about if Pamela is single or taken? What is her biggest insecurity or what would she like to change on her body if she could?

That are questions that she is answering.

YES! She is single. Although, she spoke about all her ex-relationships in her new podcast Schaumermal which she runs together with her brother Dennis.

Pamela had her first relationship with 15 or 16, according to her. She describes her first boyfriend as a "bad boy" who had a difficult past. Her second relationship lastet the longest and she describes it as the "real"

Photo: Instagram relationship, the most intense one. It lastet for 3 years and it was very emotional from both sides. Furthermore, he was her first love and he was the first one with whom she got very intimate. She likes to think back to that relationship because she learn a lot from it and she really loved him. But what went wrong? As she was in Los Angeles with her friend Daniela to make some new pictures for her new book, her boyfriend went crazy as he was jealous because of the fact that Pamela can have a good time without him as well. Yes, she was the one who broke up! And after one and half months she got a new boyfriend. She went to a vacation with him and was caught by a paparazzi who photographed her and her new boyfriend. As Pamela says, that moment was maybe a crucial moment to become official with him, but she never got very intimate with him, although she was very in love with him. After one and half or two months he was the one who broke up because they lived a totally different way of life. But then came number four! (Pamela is not mentioning the names of her ex-boyfriends but rather mark them with numbers) Number four was also an Instagram Influencer, 11 years older than she is but from the beginning they had some common interests. They were chatting for almost a year, talking about everything and then he came to Germany to visit her. She is not mentioning where he comes from but we know that at the first moment she saw him, she knew he isn't the one. She describes him as "too energetic", "he has no chill". But everything changed after that! They met a few more times and got together. Pamela reveals to us that she mostly traveled with him so on many trips like Bali, Amsterdam, Tokio, Paris or Maldives he was present. But after a year of a wonderful relationship, she just realized it was not what she wanted, it wasn't emotional enough.

The second question is about living with her brother Dennis. And no, they live separately in the same house, but in different flats.

Next question was if she ever used birth control pills but she denied it. She says, "Would never confuse my precious body with some hormones, just so a man doesn't need to use a condom". A very interesting answer for sure.

But what is her biggest insecurity? Her proportions of her legs. There are some days when she looks in the mirror and thinks that her legs aren't straight, but rather x-shaped and very thin. That's why she often wears Overknees on events or meetings.

The last question and a very interesting one - did she ever think about getting her boobs done? Yes, she did. But she'd like to do it after giving birth. Pamela with bigger boobies? Hmm, interesting.

What would you ask her?

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