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Nicol Concilio trying out some Tik-Tok fashion hacks

Nicol Concilio, a youtube star, just posted a video on her channel where she tries some Tik-Tok fashion hacks for us.

Tik-Tok has been the latest trend in the world of social media and we can't resist to try some Tik-Tok trends by ourselves. But Tik-Tok fashion hacks? Why not! We are always struggling with some clothing, desperately searching for some life hacks. And here they are! But just few of them. Still better than nothing.

  1. So, the first Tik-Tok hack she tries is from her friend Blake Healy. Nicol has some big jeans on and tries this hack so the jeans would fit better by butting your button through the first loop of the belt holder and then fasten it back together or you can tie it in the back with a shoelace. And it works perfectly!

  2. The next hack is about matching pair of sweatpants with a blazer and chunky boots. Even though she has no blazer, she puts Raily's Topshop blazer, how she calls it. And he likes it, even if she don't. She feels like "running for office".

  3. How to style a oversized blouse? You put on your blouse, so on one side you slip your blouse under one arm while the other arm is normally put in. You button your blouse and take that "empty" sleeve and wrap it around you from behind and tie it together with the opposite site of the blouse. It sounds confusing, we know! Have a look on your own at 07:07, she does it better than we described. 😝

  4. How to style a plain white T-shirts is our favorite, but we need a blazer, jean shorts and heels for this as well. And we agree with Nicol - it's totally cute! She adds she would maybe fold up the sleeves.

  5. We continue with the plain white T-shirt. We bunch up the shirts and twist it, scoop it up inwards and it fits perfectly with a black leather jacket. You'll rock it!

  6. Styling leggings are the new thing! Leggings with cropped hoodie, why not? It looks amazing and really comfy. Or with a really long T-shirt and a jean jacked around your waist? We like that as well!

There are some nice outfits for sure and we are waiting for more Tik-Tok fashion hacks. So, thanks Nicol!

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