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Kailin Chase talking about her experience in the first Episode of Instant Influencer

Kailin Chase, the first winner in the first Episode of Instant Influencer is talking about her experience being a part of it and answers some of the questions on her Youtube channel. Although she won in the first Episode, she didn't won at the end of the show.

Kailin is 24 years old and lives in Denver with her husband. She counts now 328 thousand followers on Youtube and 270 thousand on Instagram. In her new video she shows us her new look and it's simple, but very interesting.

Photo: Youtube

But what's behind this look? On her left side of her face she draw the word Basic, while on the right side is the word Creative. On her neck we have a butterfly and a blooming flower. The left part represents how others look at her, while the right side is how she feels about herself and represents who she really is. So, she sees herself as a butterfly which was going through a lot to become such a beauty and she would describe herself as creative. The flower represents the blooming from what people have perceived you as. Both looks, the left and the right one, represent totally opposite things of who you are. And the peachy eyeshadow makes everything really good looking!

1. So, one of the question was what would've she done if she won the competition and she would probably pay off debts and she would probably be looking for a place in LA. Although she loves Seattle, she lives in a suburb and therefore she would like to live in the hearth of a city what's not surprising because she always dreamed of living in LA.

2. Next one is about with whom she feels most connected to out of all contestants and who she trusts the most. Any guesses? Of course, Ashley. Ashley is the winner of the first Season and everyone was overwhelmed when Kailin hugged her, showing sincere empathy for her. But Indigo is also a person who she can trust, as she mentions him as well.

3. What was the funniest thing that happened behind the scenes? E! News came up with an article mentioning that James farted a ton during the finale and Kailin tells us "that is so trueeee!" Okay, not surprising, we guess. But there is an other thing that was a thing behind the scenes for Kailin. She describes the night of Indigo's elimination and while he's getting judged, he cries, worried about his future and in one moment he says "I'm sorry, I'm a cancer!". Totally Indigo! Later on she also mentions that Mario hated her earrings, he said "The earrings are too dated for me." But he was still cute and inspirational, the Mario we know.

4.Make-up! What's your favorite make-up look from the show, Kailin? She liked her and Ashley's entrance look. She focused on looking like a canvas painting or a messy palette.

Photo: Instagram

5. Who did you think was going to win apart from you? Surprisingly, Kailin didn't think she would be the one who wins because she always knew Ashley was the one who deserved to win, every look on her was pulling out all her effort .

6. The show had many challenges, but which one was her favorite? The Drag challenge, for sure! This day just had a special kind of vibe, everyone had fun and they all got close to each other.

7. And did she have beef with someone from the last Episode? No. Even if we maybe would like to have some action, Kailin just stayed in her lane as she says in her video.

8. Is there anything you would change in the show like one of your make-up looks? Of course, there is something! She says, she would have never used translucent glow powder in the 15 minute challenge. But why? Her thoughts are that it ruined her look totally. And for the final look she would have cleaned up her eye a little bit more. We think it was still cool!

9. Who's your biggest competitor? Ashley and Indigo, of course!

10. How did you change your love towards yourself? What we don't know is that Kailin is actually a very confident person outside the show, but when it comes to something vulnerable like artistry or singing, she also gives herself a pep talk but she still feels very comfortable.

11. Any addictions? Never. She never had any addictions like alcohol, drugs or something similar. Very proud of you, Kailin! But sadly, both of her parents went through an addiction so she witnessed it her whole life.

We must say that her look has style and we liked it! And thank you Kailin for answering those questions! What questions would've you asked?

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