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Jeff Wittek dropping a new Youtube video

And yes! Jeff dropped a new video on his Youtube channel. But bad news! Because of the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, Ridge Wallet has become the new owner of the Barbershop. Lay down, cry.

Jeff is well known as a Youtuber, who had his own barbershop called Jeff's Barbershop. He likes to talk about his private life, his family but mostly he's talking about his time at the barbershop, showing some videos while cutting hair and making some extreme transformations.

In his new video Jason, Toddy, Joe and Zane are the lovely and brave four candidates for the new-after-quarantine-haircut made by Jeff. Before that, Jeff is shortly explaining what happened during the quarantine. Jason is the first one commenting while Jeff is cutting his hair: "This is my Britney Spears moment". The boys got really unique looks what's not surprising knowing Jeff.

But how did this ended? Maybe it's the best way for you to find it out by yourself! And we're asking ourselves: will he continue making videos about the barbershop and cutting some hair? Jeff, don't leave us behind!

Enjoy the new video!

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