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James Charles talking about the first season of Instant Influencer

Firstly, Happy Birthday to James! Yes, he's 21 years old now. ✌️🎂

On his Instagram profile and Instagram stories, James gave us a sneak peek how he celebrated his 21st birthday.

Photos: Instagram

He got a super cool birthday cake and a new, personalized Ipad Pro as well from Morphe:

Video: Instagram story

But the day before, James uploaded a video on his Youtube channel talking about the first season of Instant Influencer, showing how everything looked behind the scenes. The video hit 3 million views already! How he started and "what it took actually to make this dream a reality", read below. The winner of the first season will win $50,000 and become the world's first Instant Influencer.

But attention!

The story starts from November 14th, 2019 having a meeting with the professionals and talking about every detail. Two weeks later the preparation started and the hall, where the show took place, was ready for some big upcoming changes.

January 15th, 2020 the first day of filming and that's the day when all the contestants got a video call from James, being informed that they've been accepted for the show. Thousands of people signed up for this show, but only six got the acceptance.

Photo: Youtube

January 20th, 2020 first day of shooting and James also saw the whole set for the first time. He admits that he was so nervous because it's so weird "like to be so produced" and because everything is completely different than recording a video for your Youtube channel where you have full control over it.

Although he went against Paris and Norvina by deciding who's gonna be the winner of episode 1, he had this strong feeling that Kailin needs to win this time. And what about the looser? It was very easy for James to announce the winner, but it felt so hard to tell Britany that she was the one who got eliminated. James admits that he saw in her eyes how much she wanted to be a part of this and that was the key point where he got very emotional.

Day two and the Quick Get Ready Challenge was really challenging. James went to the hotel where the contestants were sleeping and woke them up announcing them the new challenge where they should get ready as quick as they can. The contestants got 30 minutes to get ready. Indigo got eliminated, even though he was one of his favorites but James thinks that every artist should know when he should put more effort to get better.

On day three the contestants had to make their very own apology video and everyone of them got a minor scandal, randomly assigned by James. Gabriel got eliminated because his video was the weakest while "the others really shined". Who's the winner? There was no winner because Kailin, Ashley and Benny got to the finals together.

January 24th, 2020 and the FINALE is already here. So, the excitement grows more and more! Before the show, James made the intro for the whole season and it looks amazing behind the scenes!

Mario Dedivanovic was the special guest giving advices to the finalists. There was no specific challenge in the last episode so the contestants had to show their creativity, their talent and their will. And therefore Ashley won and became the first Instant Influencer!

If you missed the first season, we're sorry for the spoilers! But you can still watch it on his Youtube channel by clicking here.

More about the story behind the scenes in his video:

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