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Hailey Sani giving a full face treatment review of Florence by Mills

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hailey Sani, with 1,35 Million followers on Youtube, honestly describes how she feels about the Milli Bobbie Brown's Florence by Mills make-up and skincare line.

  1. The first thing she tries out is the All That Shimmers Body Highlight Dust ($18) using white one. It feels like a powder so it's kinda easy to put it on your skin, even though it's in a pump bottle. Her opinion is that because of the feeling, maybe it would be better if it would be in a powder box so you could apply it with a brush instead of having it squirt it on. But with a little practice, Hailey realized that the pump bottle makes it easy as a brush would do. And the best part - it comes off super easily by washing it only with water! On a scale from 1-5 Hailey gives a 2,5. Why? She loves how it looks but the application is way to messy. So, you're still going for the brush thing, don't you?

  2. Cream Blush ($18) is the next product, trying the shade Glowing G, a natural pink color shade. It's highly pigmented but it's easy to blend, although the packaging feels "cheap". And it costs around $14. At the end, she's very satisfied with its pigmentation and the blending thing. But where are your points, Hailey?

  3. The brush is definitely a win for her. It feels very "glossy", according to her. She gives them high 4,5 points.

  4. The Bouncy Cloud Highlighter - they look fantastic. The first one is the Sun-Kissed Glow (18$), a bronze one with much pigment. It's very easy to blend and "if you don't blend highlighter fast enough, it just stick to your face and becomes blotchy especially right there on the lip", but it isn't very shocking. It looks more naturally and it deserves 5 points.

  5. The next one is the 16 Wishes Eyeshadow Palette ($34). The packaging looks amazing! It consists of 3 parts and you can stick it together or use them separately. They are easy to apply and to blend for sure, but Hailey thinks that $34 is way too much. 3 points for this.

  6. Built to Lash Mascara ($14) is a classic one. It makes her lashes longer but at the same time it doesn't clump them up even by applying it for a second time. And 4 points goes to this mascara.

  7. We were very excited about the 16 Wishes Lip Gloss ($12). It doesn't feel sticky on the lips what's a huge plus for everyone. If feels like light and oily, how she describes it. And it's sparkly! But no, you don't feel the sparkles like with some lip glosses. And we agree - it's a 5 out of 5!

  8. To clean up your face, she tries the Clean Magic Face Wash ($12). A slight cucumber smell, but it's not really bubbling. The face gets still clean and the skin feels soft after using it. 4,5 points for this product because you need to use more of this product to get your face cleaned up.

  9. After the face wash, we're moving to the Get That Crime Face Scrub for $12. It feels just a little bit harsh what is very good and it has no scent or flavor. Hailey gives it 4 points because even if it helped to exfoliate some parts on your face, but there was nothing that surprised her or was something interesting about it.

  10. The Mind Glowing Peel of Mask Duo costs $20 and it's stunning! How do you imagine a peel of mask? For sure not like full of glitter and purple! The mask is high density and it feels like that on your face. Also, you have to wait 20 minutes - tik-tok - and the mask left her face glowing! It deserves 5 points for sure!

  11. Before sticking the $34 Swimming Under The Eyes Gel Pads underneath your eyes popping them on (Hailey's secret hack), put them 5 minutes in the freezer so they feel like more cooling. 10 minutes having them on your face should be enough. But there is also no point review, Hailey.

  12. The next product, the Glow Yeah Hydrating Lip Oil ($14), has no flavor but it isn't sticky as well. It feels moisturizing and soft. 4,5 points it is.

The final opinion is very positive. It "ended up being higher than my expectations". Maybe higher than ours as well. But đź‘Ť for Milli Bobbie Brown and her products.

Have you tried the products already? What's your opinion?

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