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COVID-19 has left traces everywhere, even our Influencers "feel" that

It has been a hard time since the Virus came in our life, even our Influencers can "feel" that.

Not able to go anywhere, not able to travel, not able to visit some shopping malls... it has been a though year for everyone. Many Influencers enjoyed traveling to different places all around the world, but now they're just waiting for better times. For many Influencers the percentage of posting went down, although some of them just made the best out of it and found a way to entertain their followers even while being locked in.

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Some of them made Tik-Tok accounts or started to be active on Youtube or Instagram as well. Others were just waiting for the lockdown to come to an end and we could experience it as their Instagram-stories and posts or Youtube videos became increasingly rare.

So, does it mean that they experienced the financial crises which we are going through? Yes, because Influencers are mostly getting paid for product advertisements or hosting some events. And by not getting very active on your social media profile you can loose your followers as well.

In many cases they are posting some old pictures and making some "throwbacks" to still entertain their followers. Others are making some Q&A's, posting clothing hauls or trying out new ways of entertainment. Whatever it is, they'll always find a way to entertain us!

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