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Ashley and James talking about their Zodiac sign

Have you ever thought about your Zodiac sign? Do you believe in it? Because this time Ashley and James are talking about their sign, explaining their personality through it. You want to know more about Ashley's and James' personality? No problem.

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So, as you know James is a Gemini and Ashley a Leo. But today Ashley is going to read about James' sign for few planets. As Ashley is explaining, every planet has its own meaning like the Venus sign, the planet of love, or Mars, the planet of passion, desire for action and physical energy.

Gemini sign has a very strong self-expression and, as James says, people either hate or love you. They like to collect information and have their finger in every pie. James is explaining that every time he appears in a group, room or with someone, he just soak up everything about the environment, scenario and the people involved in it.

Beside that, Gemini signs are opportunists, they can express themselves easily and they learn quickly. They love to travel and they like intellectual work, mentally stimulating. James agrees with that while smiling.

The moon sign shows how you nurture yourself and people around you, says Ashley. And James has a Virgo moon what means that he has a notorious reputation for being very analytical and super detail-oriented. Therefore, he can be a little bit disconnected from his emotions, Ashley explains. James agrees with that as well but says that he's a very emotional person that gets sad, happy or angry very easily, although it takes a lot to happen before he really freaks out in the positive or negative way. He's continuing, speaking about how hard it is for him to focus on things while doing something. His attention span is very short.

His Mars, the planet of passion and desire, is in Libra. James explains that he is really getting angry and out of balance when he's talking to a guy and he is not putting enough effort into the communication and the other thing he mentions is when someone of his friends plans something and then cancels in the last minute or doesn't show up. After those scenarios James feels like he is putting to much effort while the other part is not doing the same and that's where the balance is off. Who doesn't?

Ashley continues to read about his planet Mars saying that Gemini likes to play innocent when being challenged and they'll do anything to win. They can also be caught defending themselves and others just to have peace and balance in their life and James agrees commenting that he will do everything just to solve something and to move on.

Mercury is the communication planet and explains how you communicate with others. James' Mercury planet is in Taurus, which is a very dominant sign. So, Geminis are quite faithful to their ideas - opinionated persistent but discreet in their ideas. Also, they learn through senses and not traditional education systems. Behind the camera some James' friends say that he doesn't have a filter while speaking but neither thinks before he's saying something. James responds that he doesn't have a filter, but he always thinks before he's saying something and he will always apologize if he's wrong but never try to flip his words. That could explain his very strong self-expression that we mentioned before. Ashley continues that he would rather spend time to explain what he meant then trying to change his words.

Moving on, Ashley says his weaknesses are stubborn, obstinate, withdrawn and slow to react, although he denies the last one.

Venus, the love sign! What about James and love? His Venus sign is Cancer and, according to Ashley, Cancers are very emotional, annoying (says James) and super closed off. James says he definitely takes time to open up for someone and the friend behind the camera adds that he is acting like that because James was hurt a lot of times back then. But on the other hand, James is also falling hard really easily for someone, therefore he's not truly getting to know people and maybe that's why he gets hurt very quick, says the background friend.

We really enjoyed hearing about James' personality a little bit more and we hope you'll do it as well:

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