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A #tb to 2016 with Bretman Rock

Our Bretman Rock with almost 7,5 million followers on Youtube posted a new video with his sister and we are sure you've seen it already. But we are making a #throwback into 2016!

Remember how cute he was back then? It's unbelievable how much he has changed!

Photo: Youtube

So, in his video from 2016 he's answering some questions about his Filipino family, about speaking Tagalog and Ilocano language etc. And after all, through this video we get to know him a little bit more. Also, you'll have a chance to hear Bretman speaking those languages.

Bretman Rock speaks Tagalog and Ilocano fluently. Only one person in his family speaks Tagalog and that's why he is more fluent in speaking Ilocano than Tagalog. Also, he grew up in Hawaii and moved to LA when he was only four years. Don't forget the fact that children learning a certain language until their three years old will have the best results, so it's not surprising that Bretman is speaking those languages very well even if he's not an active speaker anymore (like with Tagalog language). He was living in LA with his father while his mother, sister and brother moved back to Hawaii, although he also moved back 4 years later.

Hawaii or Philippines? The very next question. It's definitely Philippines for him because that's the place were he was born and raised, so special memories arose within that place. It's bigger, has more opportunities, more faces and more challenges. And that's a place for him where he wanted to start his career and where he feels happy.

He also talks about his favorite food from Philippines while explaining the special, homemade dishes and answering the questions about his favorite Pilipino. But not all questions are about his origin. His fans wanted to know how he is managing to get over the haters and his answer back then is amazing: "I believe haters are like ghosts. They only exist if you let them exist " and we think it's a wonderful quote. Also, he revealed his talents to us: doing make-up, comedy, acting and dancing (while singing, we guess).

Sometimes it's really good to have some throwbacks, especially those with Bretman Rock for sure. And not to forget the amazing scenario and dance moment he is showing to us at the end. We have to love him!

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