Pamela Reif doing some Q&A about healthy food and weight loss

Pamela Reif just answered some questions that her fans asked her via Instagram and it's, believe it or not, about food, weight loss and health.


Many young women and men struggle with to start eating healthy or getting rid of fat on specific body parts. Pamela is well known for eating healthy, doing a lot of sports and for actively giving some advices to her fans. This time she is answering some questions about eating healthy and loosing some weight.


How important it is to eat healthy and did she also struggled with weight loss, read more in our new article.

Photo: Instagram

Taylor Michelle, Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Artist, shows how to achieve some bold and ombré brows

Taylor Michelle in cooperation with Anastasia Beverly Hills  shows how to make beautiful, natural looking brows on Instagram. 

She is using:

You can find all the products by clicking on them. For everything else, there is Taylor explaining how it works. Enjoy! 


Photos: Instagram

Kailin Chase talking about her experience in the first Episode of Instant Influencer

In our new article Kailin Chase, the first winner in the first Episode of Instant Influencer is talking about her experience being a part of it and answers some of the questions on her Youtube channel.


Although she won in the first Episode, she didn't won at the end of the show. Kailin is 24 years old and lives in Denver with her husband.


She counts now 328 thousand followers on Youtube and 270 thousand on Instagram. In her new video she shows us her new look and it's simple, but very interesting.

And while she's answering the questions, she also talks about her tattooish look on the video.


What do you think about it?

Photo: Youtube

Hailey Sani giving a full face treatment review of Florence by Mills

Hailey Sani, with 1,35 Million followers on Youtube, honestly describes how she feels about the Milli Bobbie Brown's Florence by Mills make-up and skincare line.

She tried out 12 different make-up and skincare products and rated them.

The results? More in our new article!


Photo: Youtube

Iva Nikolina moves to her new apartment

Iva Nikolina, an influencer from Germany, is currently moving in her new apartment with her boyfriend.


There are no details about how her new apartment will look like, but for sure there will be more interesting stories on her Instagram profile. What we know is that we expect new furniture since her old furniture does not fit the measures of the new apartment, according to her. 

The new Jeffree Star palette is out!

Photo: Instagram

Jeffree Star, one of the biggest and most inspiring make up artist, just launched his new palette CREMATED.

It consists of various shades of gray, black, brown and all the way to gold and cream.


You have to agree with us, we just have to have it!


More about the palette in Jeffree's video below.

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