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Have you ever thought about how much you actually influence the people, the world around you? Have you ever thought about how powerful  influence is? This is an era where the world turned the spotlight on the Influencers.  

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"Never mistake the power of influence."

Jim Rohn


About us


Who are we?

The Influence was founded in 2020 and it represents the world of Influencers from all over the world.

Our company is based in Croatia, but we work worldwide.

What do we do?

We cooperate with and write about Influencers. We want to bring you closer to the world of your favorite Influencer.

Our goal is to create a website and, in the near future, a magazine based on the world of different kind of Influencers. 

Can I be a part of it?

Of course! You can send us the name or the profile of your favorite Influencer and we will be glad to invite him or her to our site.

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Connecting the world...

We are a relatively fresh company and our team mostly consists of young professionals who take care of every detail. It is important for us to show you the world of your favorite Influencer, but also to respect the wishes of the Influencer himself.

We also strive to cooperate with Influencers to connect your world with their world even more!